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subject Математика/Прикладная математика
title Distributions: Theory and Applications 2010
author(s) J.J. Duistermaat, J.A.C. Kolk
size(bytes) 4352728
file type pdf

description This textbook is an application-oriented introduction to the theory of distributions, a powerful tool used in mathematical analysis. The treatment emphasizes applications that relate distributions to linear partial differential equations and Fourier analysis problems found in mechanics, optics, quantum mechanics, quantum field theory, and signal analysis. Throughout the book, methods are developed to deal with formal calculations involving functions, series, and integrals that cannot be mathematically justified within the classical framework.nDistributions: Theory and Applications is aimed at advanced undergraduates and graduate students in mathematics, theoretical physics, and engineering, who will find this textbook a welcome introduction to the subject, requiring only a minimal mathematical background. The work may also serve as an excellent self-study guide for researchers who use distributions in various fields.','
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